Vilma Santos criticized over spelling mistakes

By , on July 3, 2014

Photo posted by Kris, showing box of ensaymada's and note from Vilma. (From Kris Aquino's Instagram account)
Photo posted by Kris, showing box of ensaymada’s and note from Vilma. (From Kris Aquino’s Instagram account)

MANILA – It looks like the Spelling Bee Award won’t be given to veteran actress Vilma Santos any time soon. In the heat of the National Artist Award controversy that has besieged rival Nora Aunor. Vilma finds herself in a hornet’s nest of her own; with the stingers buzzing around social media. What are the netizens buzzing about? The actresses’spelling.

Bashers have taken to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to poke fun at Vilma’s spelling mistakes (bless instead of blessed; truely instead of truly) in note she sent to television host, industry colleague and friend, Kris Aquino.

Aquino, who is an admirer of Santos, on Monday posted a picture of the note beside the box of ensaymadas sent by Santos as a token of gratitude for the continued support of Aquino.

The post was captioned: “Super sarap Ensaymadas from my Idol sa trabaho, serbisyo publiko & sa pag handle ng personal na buhay, sa pagiging mabuti at mapagmahal na asawa at nanay! Thank You Ate Vi!”

Santos’ note with misspelled words read:

“Dearest Kris, Thank you sooo much for believing in me. I truely appreciate it friend…
Life is short… Enjoy it… Your are so bless
God is good. Smile :0 I Love You.”

Taking to Instagram yet again, the day after posting the ensaymada picture, Aquino posted another photo, this time of Santos’ text message to her.

The text message read: “Hi Kris…I am being bashed because of your Instagram post…Hahaha. I guess marami pa akong dapat matutunan. I take all of these as constructive criticisms. Tao lang; nagkakamali. Sa mga bashers… Salamat po. Again, thanks for believing in me. Until next time…”

Aquino replied with the following message: “I’m sorry Ate Vi. I didn’t think about the wrong spelling because what mattered to me was your kindness & the thought behind the card.”

The TV host once more voiced out her admiration for the actress-politician, by posting: “I woke up & saw this text from Ate Vi. And it made me realize why I am such a fan of this woman: she is BRAVE, she has a WONDERFUL SENSE OF HUMOR, she has WISDOM, and she is TRUTHFUL! Above everything else, she remains HUMBLE! HINDI SYA PIKON KASI NGA ALAM NYA THAT HER LIFE IS GOOD. Her example will continue to inspire me for the rest of my life,” Aquino said.


Photo posted by Kris, showing text message from Vilma, along with Kris' reply (From Kris Aquino's Instagram account)
Photo posted by Kris, showing text message from Vilma, along with Kris’ reply (From Kris Aquino’s Instagram account)