Sandiganbayan warns Revilla’s lawyers against revealing opinion to the media

By , on July 3, 2014

Sandiganbayan / Wikipedia Photo
Sandiganbayan / Wikipedia Photo

MANILA – The Sandiganbayan justices expressed dismay on Senator Revilla’s lawyers saying they are “not happy” with the lawyers giving the media their opinion regarding the plunder and graft cases after every hearing.

“We are not happy about it when you give your opinions after the hearings,” Associate Justice Efren dela Cruz, chairperson of the Sandiganbayan’s First Division, told Revilla’s lawyer Joel Bodegon.

The lawyers were also told that they might be doing “too much” of voicing out their opinions to the reporters.

Dela Cruz also added that they only want to promote fairness and equality among the parties involved in the case.

The justices also warned the lawyers that discussing the cases merits of the cases outside the court may constitute a violation of the sub judice rule.

“All of the arguments, you can do it here,” Associate Justice Rafael Lagos, another member of the court, also told Bodegon.