Palace: PHL backs Japan bid to amend Charter

By , on July 3, 2014

Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda
Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda

MANILA — Malacanang reiterated on Wednesday that the Philippines supports a proposal to revisit the Japanese Constitution to allow Japan to assist allies in disputes.

“Clearly, our belief is that Japan, by revisiting its Constitution, enables it to meet its international obligations. That is, in the case of the South China Sea, to promote and to ensure peace and stability in the region,” said Presidential Spokesman Edwin Lacierda in a press briefing.

Lacierda said any country which has a stake in regional stability will certainly support any action that will move towards promoting peace in the region.

He noted that the current Constitution of Japan does not permit Japanese peacekeepers to help another country’s peacekeepers if those are attacked.

Lacierda said the Philippines is looking into arrangements where it can seek assistance from Japan in times of need.

“I think, we are looking into that arrangements. We don’t have one yet because primarily of the limitations in the Japanese Constitution. There have been discussions… for instance, Japan will be assisting us in the acquisition of patrol vessels,” he added.