No more queue as ticket machine in full capacity next week — LRTA

By on July 3, 2014

LRT train. Joyfull / Shutterstock
LRT train. Joyfull / Shutterstock

MANILA — After encountering problems with one of the Light Rail Transit Line 2 (LRT-2) ticket sorting machines, the LRT Authority (LRTA) said that it can be expected to be fully functional by the end of next week.

This announcement came after commuters hurled complaints at the LRTA since Tuesday for having to queue longer than usual, even beyond rush hour period.

LRT spokesperson Hernando Cabrera said via Twitter that the dysfunctional ticket sorting machine has led to a limited production of stored-value (SV) tickets.

SV tickets, which are sold for P100 each, allow commuters multiple rides with a Last Ride Bonus meaning that the ticket is still valid for one more ride even if the remaining balance is less than the minimum fare and at least P0.50.

One ticket is valid for six months from date of first use and helps save commuters from long ticket queues.

“There is a problem with one of the LRT Line 2 ticket sorting machines, leading to the limited production of stored-value tickets,” Cabrera said.

He explained that because of this glitch, commuters have been queuing longer to purchase single journey tickets, instead.

However, he assured that ticket sorting machines will be at full capacity by the end of next week.

“By the end of next week, LRTA expects ticket production to be at full capacity,” he said.