Liberal throne speech to focus on jobs, public transit and retirement income

By on July 3, 2014

Hon. Kathleen Wynne. Photo from Ontario Chamber of Commerce / Flickr.
Hon. Kathleen Wynne. Photo from Ontario Chamber of Commerce / Flickr.

TORONTO—The Liberal government will focus on job creation, public transit and retirement income in a speech from the throne today that opens a rare summer session of the Ontario legislature.

Government house leader Yasir Naqvi says by winning a majority in the June 12 election, the Liberals got a mandate from the people to implement the plan they campaigned on.

That plan, based on the May 1 budget that triggered the election, includes $29 billion for public transit and infrastructure projects, $2.5 billion for companies that create new jobs and a skills training program.

Naqvi says voters sent a clear message that they want the government to move forward on issues like the creation of a provincial pension plan for people without a workplace pension.

The throne speech will also outline a plan by Premier Kathleen Wynne to lead an Ontario trade mission to China.

The Opposition says the Liberals were given a mandate from voters to implement a very specific plan, so they don’t expect any surprises in the throne speech.

“The election results are still very fresh in everyone’s minds and I think people are still digesting on our side what those results mean, and I think that has given Ms. Wynne a mandate,” said Progressive Conservative MPP Lisa MacLeod.

“That’s not to say that there won’t be opportunities for us to critique her policies, but I think we know very much the position she’s in and where she wants to take the province.”