Army scout rangers testing 5,000 pairs of ‘Kubar’ boots

By on July 3, 2014

Armed Forces of the Philippines. Photo courtesy of AFP Facebook page.
Armed Forces of the Philippines. Photo courtesy of AFP Facebook page.

MANILA — The Philippine Army (PA) on Thursday announced that 5,000 pairs of “Kubar” boots are now undergoing operational tests at the field.

“Kubar” means “HukbongKatihanBoots”.

Lt. Col. Noel Detoyato, Army spokesperson, said that these series of tests, ranging from forced marches in rough, muddy, and mountainous terrain, will determine the durability of the boots for combat use.

He added full scale delivery of the “Kubar” to line units will start once the boots successfully pass its operational test.

Scout Rangers based in San Miguel, Bulacan are the ones conducting the operational tests.

The PA earlier announced that it will be acquiring 79, 066 pairs of jungle olive green “Kubar” boots for the use of its soldiers.

Detoyato said that the “Kubar” were inspired by the latest athletic shoes and military boots construction technology.

It added that the above-mentioned boots offers protection, maximum stability, comfort and protection in actual combat training and operations.

There are three color options for the finished “Kubar” boots and these are urban black, jungle olive green, and desert Mojave khaki.

Detoyato said that after a series of research and consultations with the best shoe manufacturers, and the test and evaluation conducted at the Research and Development Center of the Army Support Command, the PA introduced the “Kubar” on Nov. 27, 2013.

He added that the PA believes that soldiers deserve only the best so that they in turn can provide excellent service, especially in performing their duties in combat related missions.

This project is in tune with the Army Transformation Roadmap, which is geared towards making sustainable impact not only on the Army’s systems, processes and organizational capability, but more importantly in the individual soldiers.