Claudine posts how proud she is for Gretchen’s daughter

By , on June 30, 2014

Photo: Facebook Page of Claudine Barretto
Photo: Facebook Page of Claudine Barretto

MANILA — After reports of engaging into a controversial fight with her sister, Gretchen, Claudine Barreto shocked her Instagram followers after posting pictures of Gretchen’s daughter, Dominique Conjuagco.

Claudine also posted how she was proud of Dominique, Gretchen’s daughter with businessman Tony Boy Cojuangco with the caption:

“My Beautiful Niece!:) #proudtita #beautifulinsideout #kiligmuch.”

The same picture of Dominique with endorsers Sam Rodriguez and Addie Manzano was reported, moments later with a different caption saying:

 “Im so Proud of u Dominique!:) u to me are the most Beautiful here:) #proudtita #Pretty&iluvher #ProudAunt #Kiligmuch:).”

Claudine was earlier reported to have accused Gretchen of being “heartless” and “liar” in her interview with “The Buzz.”

“Pakiusap ko kay Gretchen, (My request for Gretchen) any question about me, stop answering. I don’t want to be affiliated with you because you are a shame to this family. I want you to stay away from me and my children. I want to know, at the end of the day Gretchen, ano ba ang goal mo? (what is your goal?) Up to where? When are you going to stop?”

Despite their rift, Claudine was also earlier reported to have said that she is hoping that her nieces and nephew will not be involved in their family feud.