So. California jury finds Filipino man guilty of wife’s brutal murder

By , on June 25, 2014

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Shutterstock photo

CALIFORNIA – The brutal murder of 57-year-old Filipina nurse Charito Tolentino in California in January of 2103 is finally being avenged.

Tolentino’s killer – her own husband – 62-year-old Filipino, Tomas Infante, has been found guilty of first-degree murder by a Southern California jury guilty in the beating and stabbing death of his wife.

Prosecutors said that Infante killed Tolentino after his girlfriend found out that he was married.

He then put his wife’s dead body in a car trunk, drove 20 miles and left the car in a casino parking lot in the area. The body was found days later after Tolentino had been reported missing.

Surveillance at the casino where Infante left the car in which he dumped Tolentino’s body served to link him to the crime, as did blood found by investigators in the couple’s West Covina garage.

Infante’s son likewise testified at the trial that his father told him he had killed his stepmother.

Tolentino lived in West Covina, and worked at a local hospital in LA’s Filipinotown neighborhood, some 40 miles away from her home.

Infante and Tolentono reportedly have a daughter together.
Sentencing will be carried out on July 8. Infante faces 25 years to life in prison.