Summer solstice brings longest day of the year on June 21

By , on June 21, 2014

The Philippines will experience its longest day this year; a result of the summer solstice on Saturday, June 21.

Vicente Malano, acting administrator of the national weather bureau, PAGASA, said this year’s solstice will possibly be at 6:51 p.m., Philippine standard time. He added that this is also the time the sun is expected to set on that day.

“Philippine nights are at their shortest and daytimes are at their longest around the Summer solstice,”Malano said.

Malano explained that, on this day, the Sun will be at its greatest declination of +23.5 degrees and will pass directly overhead at noon for all observers at latitude 23.5 degrees North.

He expounded that this event “marks the start of the apparent southward movement of the Sun in the ecliptic.”

June 21 will be “the longest day of the year,” across the world, but not necessarily the hottest.

Experts point out that although the Earth’s oceans and atmosphere soak up the most rays on the summer solstice, the energy is not radiated back to us for several weeks after.