Filipinas ranked among ‘world’s sexiest’ nationalities in dating poll

By , on June 20, 2014


MANILA — Filipinas have been voted as one of world’s “sexiest” traveling companions in a survey conducted by travel dating website MissTravel.

Filipinas were ranked among the top five preferred nationalities as traveling companions, ranking ahead of Spaniards and Australians.

Brazilians bagged top spot on the list, followed by women from Russia, Colombia and the United Kingdom.

Filipino men, on the other hand, did not make the list of sexiest nationalities for travel companions.

Australian men took the number one place as sexiest travel partners, with Italian and the British men snagging the top two and three spots, respectively.

The full listing was published on published on Huffington Post, as follows:

The sexiest nationalities (women):
1. Brazilian
2. Russian
3. Colombian
4. British
5. Filipina
6. Spanish
7. Australian
8. Bulgarian
9. South African
10. Canadian
The sexiest nationalities (men):
1. Australian
2. Italian
3. British
4. Scottish
5. Spanish
6. American
7. Irish
8. Brazilian
9. Canadian
10. Dutch