Paul Soriano: wedding with Tony Gonzaga will come ‘real soon’

By , on June 18, 2014


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Wikipedia Photo

MANILA — Now on their seventh year together, Paul Soriano said his wedding with Toni Gonzaga will be coming ‘real soon.’

“Definitely (its coming soon). I’m finishing up a lot of stuff now and I think when these films that I’m producing — I’m also going to be directing a film this year — when it all settles, I think there’s going to be a lot of time to start planning for the rest of my life. I’m excited about that.” Soriano said in an interview with reporters during the sidelines of Gawad Urian on Tuesday. 

While Gonzaga has openly said that she is already preparing their wedding song, Paul Soriano is already planning their honeymoon. 

“The honeymoon, baka ready na (maybe is ready). I think it’s something that we both want to do because we’ve never really done that. Once the wedding day comes, the travelling will be plenty,” 

Gonzaga was earlier reported to have said in a press conference that she is already choosing their wedding song. 

“That’s great. That’s actually a surprise for me. I didn’t know that. It’s good to know that she’s thinking ahead. We are getting there real soon, so exciting,” Soriano said.

He also added how being Gonzaga’s boyfriend really challenged him as he has to cope with her busy schedule. 

“Being the boyfriend of someone so busy, who’s in front of the camera almost every day, I’ve learned to be very patient. It’s good. Good things come to those who wait,” he said.

But despite both their busy worlds, Soriano said that soon enough, they will be settling the details of their wedding. 

“I know she’s very busy. Of course, ‘PBB’ just came out. She’s got her sitcom. She just came off a box-office hit movie. I know there are a couple of things that she wants to do some more before we can really sit down and plan the rest of our lives. But that’s definitely somewhere out there real soon,” he said.

Soriano also said that, their long-term relationship has brought them closer to each other. 

“We’ve been together for seven years already and there’s already an understanding. We don’t even have to ask or text each other anymore but we’re already there for each other. We are pretty much part of each other’s life already. That’s the beauty of being in a relationship that’s lasted this long,” he said.