28 cats taken to London Humane Society after hoarding investigation

By on June 17, 2014

Photo courtesy of Reddit contributor paulschinider1
Photo courtesy of Reddit contributor paulschinider1

LONDON, Ontario — Humane society officials say 28 cats have been removed from a London, Ont., home following a hoarding investigation.

The cats are now being cared for at the London Humane Society shelter.

Executive director Judy Foster says in such cases the animals are usually not spayed or neutered, so the shelter will likely end up with even more cats to care for when any pregnant cats give birth.

The shelter is already well over its capacity, with more than 200 cats, but Foster is hopeful public donations will help cover the increased costs for laundry, food, litter and staffing.

There’s no immediate word on whether charges will be laid against the homeowner.