ISIS releases photos of mass execution in Iraq

By , on June 15, 2014


Thousands of Iraqi shia soldiers were taken from their homes and posts, hauled into trucks, and then brutally killed in a mass execution by ISIS jihad warriors. According to a report from ISIS, they captured 4,500 Iraqi soldiers in the city of Tikrit.

With the cause of their faith Islam as a cloak, they murdered thousands of men in broad daylight, some right in the middle of the streets.

The Islamic militants ransacked the city of Mosul last week, according to a New York Times report, which also read, “It took only two days, though, for the fighters of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria to issue edicts laying out the harsh terms of Islamic law under which they would govern, and singling out some police officers and government workers for summary execution.”

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With report from Pamela Geller and New York Times