Jinggoy won’t block De Lima’s confrimation

By , on June 5, 2014

Sen. Jinggoy Estrada. Photo courtesy of Estrada's Facebook page.
Sen. Jinggoy Estrada. Photo courtesy of Estrada’s Facebook page.

MANILA — Despite the heated confrontation between Sen. Jinggoy Estrada and Justice Secretary Leila de Lima during the confirmation hearing, Estrada clarified yesterday that he is not going to block the secretary’s confirmation.

Estrada said he has nothing against De Lima adding that he will not make any move to block her confirmation, suppose she manage to secure an endorsement from the Commission of Appointment’s committee on justice, judicial and bar council.

The senator has earlier accused De Lima, who was the former Commission on Human Rights chairperson, of receiving P1 million worth of additional allowance every month from former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

De Lima denied this saying that “there was a confidential fund allotted to the CHR but that was not allowance. Sometimes, it was quarterly: P500,000 as confidential, intelligence funds.”

 “I don’t believe that. You received a monthly allowance of P1 million,” Estrada told De Lima.

Estrada, the chairman of the CA panel that tackled Commission on Audit (COA) Commissioner Heidi Mendoza’s appointment, however made it clear that he was opposed to Mendoza’s appointment.

He said that he will remain firm on his decision to stop the COA commissioner’s appointment which will again be heard in Senate on Tuesday.

With reports from Philippine Star