PH police shoot dead eight suspected robbers

By , on May 29, 2014


Shutterstock photo
Shutterstock photo

Eight suspected robbers were shot dead by Philippine police in a shootout on Tuesday, at a checkpoint near the Philippine capital city of Manila.

The gun battle stemmed from a tip that was received by police officers in the town of Silang, approximately 44 kilometres (28 miles) south of Manila. The law enforcers reportedly got a hold of information that nine men on board four motorcycles were on their way to rob a store.

In response to the lead, police set up a checkpoint, which the motorcycle riders disregarded and drove through, The riders’non-compliance subsequently caused the officers to shoot, triggering a firefight between the two sides.

Eight of the suspects were shot dead, while one escaped. Eight handguns were likewise recovered from the suspects, reports said.

According to a report by Interaksyon, national police spokesmen in Manila could not be reached to comment on the incident.

Philippine police have faced past accusations of “rubbing-out” suspects and then reporting they were killed while resisting arrest.