Freddie and Maegan Aguilar war gets worse

By , on May 22, 2014


Photo: Facebook Page of Freddie Aguilar
Photo: Facebook Page of Freddie Aguilar

Maegan Aguilar’s rift with her father  OPM icon Freddie Aguilar and his 17-year-old wife has just worsened.

In a live interview on “Aquino & Abunda Tonight” on Wednesday, the 35-year-old Aguilar revealed that since her father re-married, his attitude towards her and her family gradually changed.

“Mula noong naging asawa siya, gradually pumapangit ‘yung mga pagpapatakbo sa bahay, ‘Yung basics na, kung katulad dati, welcome sa kwarto ni tatay pag wala siya doon — we can watch TV there, we can lie on his bed, we can relax, ‘yung parang what’s his is ours — mula noong dumating ‘yan, naka-lock na ‘yung kwarto ng tatay ko,” she said.

(Since he got married, the management in the house gradually worsened. The basics, like before, we are welcome in the room of ‘tatay’ when he’s not there–we can watch TV there, we can lie on his bed, we can relax, its like what’s his is ours–since she (17-year-old wife of Freddie Aguilar) arrived, my father’s room is already locked.)

It will be recalled that Maegan, along with her family was thrown out of their home in Quezon City last May 12 because of an incident involving “rotten vegetables.”

“He got mad because the vegetables that he kept in the refrigerator got rotten. I told him I did not touch the veggies because I knew he would get upset,” Maegan narrated.

“He also flared up because I hadn’t paid the P1,500 I borrowed from him. I used the money to buy diapers and milk for Mahi. Then he gets mad that we [are] always cash-strapped. It’s his fault. I am underpaid,” she added.

When asked if she’s angry with her father’s wife, she said, “Galit ako sa kanilang dalawa. Hindi lang sa asawa ni tatay, pero mas lalo kay tatay, kasi anak niya ako. Apo niya ‘yung mga anak ko. Bakit niya akong tinatratong outsider ng sarili kong bahay? Kasi kung bahay niya ‘yon, bahay ko ‘yon, ‘di ba?”

(I am angry with the both of them. Not only with my father’s wife, but most especially with tatay, because I am his daughter. My children are his grandchildren. Why is he treating me like an outsider in my own home? Because if that’s his house, it also my house, right?)

In a separate statement, Freddie said, “I wish Maegan all the best as she moves on and takes responsibility of her own life. It is because I love my daughter that I choose to say nothing more on this matter.”