Man says he killed woman because she laughed when he couldn’t perform sexually

By , on May 21, 2014



SASKATOON — A man accused of first-degree murder in the death of university student Daleen Bosse told Saskatoon police he choked her out of anger because she laughed at him when he couldn’t perform sexually.

A videotaped interview with Douglas Hales, 36, was played in a Regina court Tuesday.

Hales’ trial has been told he was working as a bouncer and doorman at a nightclub when he met Bosse, who agreed to go party with him when his shift was over.

He told two officers she wanted to have sex but he was too drunk.

He said he took his anger out on her, saying he just wanted to “make everything go away.”

Hales is accused of killing Bosse and burning her body in a rural area near Martensville, Sask., on May 18, 2004 — the same location where police found her remains four years later.

The judge, who is presiding over the case without a jury, has yet to rule on the admissability of any of the confessions Hales made to police officers.

On Tuesday, Hales lowered his head and refused to watch the interview, during which he broke into hysterical sobs several times.

On the tape, Hales told the officers that after he choked Bosse, he stomped on her face, set her body on fire and tried to hide it by putting an old fridge on top of her.

If given the chance to speak to Bosse, Hales said he would tell her that she didn’t deserve what he did to her.

“I’d tell her I didn’t mean to do it. I’d tell her that I wish I never did that to her.”

Three days before Hales’ interview with the Saskatoon police detectives, he told a different version of events to an undercover police officer posing as the boss of a fake criminal organization pretending to recruit Hales.

Hales told that man he choked Bosse while she was either passed out or asleep in her car because she wasn’t willing to have sex with him after they met at a nightclub.

Court has been told Bosse was beginning her fourth year as a student at the University of Saskatchewan where she was studying to become a teacher.