Pinoys featured in Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo 2014

By on May 14, 2014

Ian Navarro's "Patrol" artwork from DeviantArt
Ian Navarro’s “Patrol” artwork from DeviantArt

Gerald Garcia, Erickson de la Rosa, and Ian Navarro were the three Filipino artists whose artworks were showcased at the 2014 Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo held in Canada.

Garcia, in an interview with ABS-CBN News, shared that he makes it a point to join as many “conventions and shows” as possible.

While Garcia utilizes pen and ink for his masterpiece, De la Rosa, whose style is “loose and sketchy,” makes use of brushes and paints.

Navarro, another Pinoy who exhibited his artworks in Calgary, is known for his modern and colorful vibe artworks.


Message to aspiring artists

Dela Rosa believes that practice makes perfect.

“Just draw every day. Practice all the time because actually all the successful artists in the comic book industry (do that),” he said.

Meanwhile, Navarro considers his love for DC and Marvel comics as an advantage.

“People are attracted to my artworks because I grew up with lots of DC and Marvel comics so my style kinda leans towards that,” he shared.

Navarro added that promoting one’s artworks can definitely make wonders to an artist’s career.

“I promote my art mostly through conventions and online websites like Twitter and Deviant Art. I’m working on a calendar with the zombies,” he said.

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