Erwann tweets about rumored break-up with Anne Curtis

By , on May 14, 2014

MANILA — Businessman and foodie Erwann Heusaff finally broke his silence about his rumored separation with girlfriend of almost four years Anne Curtis.

The reported split was posted Wednesday on the popular entertainment blog Fashion Pulis, citing that the scoop was from a “very reliable source.” The article also took the couple’s social media behavior as evidence of the rumored break-up.

The report also said that Anne is being pursued by a business tycoon’s son, which has caused a “spat” between the couple.

Heusaff, who is used to quietly living his private life away from showbiz lights, tweeted on Wednesday afternoon: “Thanks for the concern, but let’s remember that FP isn’t BBC, there are more veracious sources of information out there. We are fine.”

And in response to the comment on the couple’s social media behavior, Heusaff added: “Also, I’m not in showbiz, so my relationship is mine to keep precious and not yours to devour,” Heussaff said. “If I don’t post about it, that’s my [prerogative.]”