Vice Ganda admits breakup with boyfriend

By on May 12, 2014

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Photo: Facebook Page of Vice Ganda


Vice Ganda is single but happy.

This, he revealed in an interview with

“I am single. I am happy and single, happy and single parang ang bitter lang. Single ako pero okay lang,” (I am single but it’s okay.) he said.

The comedian-TV host, until their relationship ended, did not reveal the identity of his boyfriend to protect him and his family.

He also revealed that he knew beforehand that the breakup was coming, making him more prepared to accept it.

Though he is still hurting, he said that he is doing his best to feel better and enjoy life.

“I will be okay. I am single and I am okay. Gusto ko din malaman nila na I am single para yung mga gustong manligaw sa akin manligaw na. Inviting?”

( I also want them to know that I am single so those who want to court me, will court me. Inviting?)