Claudine speaks up about conflict with siblings

By on May 12, 2014


Photo: Facebook Page of Claudine Barretto


Claudine Barretto spoke up about her conflict with her siblings.

In an interview with “Buzz ng Bayan” on Sunday, May 11, she detailed how their conflict started.

The youngest among the Barretto siblings shared that it started in 2010, when her siblings Gretchen and Marjorie sent an ambulance to their house.

“Nagpadala siya ng ambulansiya sa bahay namin ni Raymart (Santiago, her estranged husband). I was with my friends. Nakita ko kaagad si Marjorie, andoon si Gretchen. Paglabas ko, sabi ni Gretchen, ‘Can I please go in?’ Since kapatid ko naman siya, pinapasok ko sila. Later on dumating na yung ambulance with the pediatrician. I think there were eight men inside. I asked my sisters, ‘What is this?’ Nakita ko kasi na may straightjacket itong mga ito,” she said.

( They sent an ambulance to our house. I was with my friends. I saw Marjorie right away, Gretchen was there. When I went out, Gretchen said, ‘Can I please go in?’ Since she is my sister, I let them in. Later on, the ambulance with the pediatrician arrived. I think there were eight men inside. I asked my sisters, ‘What is this?’  I saw that they have straightjacket.)

“I knew my rights because they were trespassing. Sabi ko sa kanila, ‘Saan? Sa drug addiction or sa mental illness?’ Hindi ko alam. Then sabi niya (Gretchen), ‘Basta doc, nag-overdose iyan,'” she said.

( I told them, ‘Where? With drug addiction or with mental illness?’ I don’t know. Then, she said, doc, she overdosed.)

Not mentally ill

In the same interview, Claudine refuted rumors that she is mentally ill.

” According to my psychiatrist, it is mental torture. Iba yung mental illness sa mental torture eh. ( Mental illness is different from mental torture) I was diagnosed with battered wife syndrome,” she said.

She added that her sisters are bullying her.

The 34-year-old Barretto said that she hates Marjorie the most for not allowing her to visit her nieces.

Meanwhile, Marjorie denied Claudine’s accusations.

“Claudine, you never borrowed my children. You didn’t even try to call them. I never deprived you of seeing my children. Please don’t claim to love my children when not too long ago, you tried so hard to destroy them,” she said.

“Claudine, for your information, mom and dad begged us to rush to your house because your personal assistant told them you’ve finished all your anti-anxiety medicines. We had with us a doctor and an ambulance from a very reputable hospital because we didn’t want you to die, Claudine,” Marjorie added.

Marjorie also has an appeal to their parents.

“Dad and mom, please don’t deny the fact that the orders to rush her to a hospital came from both of you. We did not have a straitjacket. That is a lie. Claudine, we were protecting you. We did not want you to die, most especially in front of your children,” she said.