Lapu-Lapu City bats for sports tourism to attract more tourists

By on May 11, 2014

lapu lapu city cebu

LAPU-LAPU CITY, CEBU — Lapu-Lapu City Mayor Paz Radaza said she hopes the city government can attract more domestic and foreign tourists with their intensified campaign on sports tourism.

Radaza said a number of tourists, both domestic and foreign, have visited the city after they launched the city government campaign to promote the city’s sports tourism program.

Radaza said the international sports tournament in previous years showed that it was very effective in attracting foreign visitors.

Among them was the Cobra Ironman triathlon event which attracted more than 2,000 athletes and members of their families to Lapu-Lapu City.

Radaza said beach resorts and hotel owners in Lapu-Lapu City supported the sports tourism program because they are its first beneficiary.

She said the increasing number of tourists also means additional income to Lapu-Lapu City.

Radaza also cited the good peace and order and improvement of the delivery of basic services in the city.

Radaza said she directed the city police office officials under the leadership of acting Lapu-Lapu City police chief Armando Radoc to intensify the campaign against all forms of criminality.