Are you ready to be a first time mom?

By , on May 8, 2014

first time mom

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When does motherhood start?

Well, at least for me, the very moment that I saw the two pink lines in the pregnancy kit—I knew then that I am already a mother.

As soon as a woman gets pregnant, there are many sacrifices that she has to make. She needs to accept that her body is now bigger, her skin is now darker, her lifestyle will take a full swing and her whole life will change.

And after those nine months, there are more sacrifices that need to be done. But don’t worry, because all these will be worth it— the moment you see your newborn for the first time.

If you are still anxious about playing the role of a first time mom, here are some helpful tips from experts and first time moms.

  • Embrace the change. After giving birth, you will surely notice physical and emotional changes in you. Expect to still carry the excess fats that you have incurred while pregnant. Your skin may still be darker as opposed to your pre-pregnancy skin. Now that you already have a baby to take good care of, you will be more responsible and mature enough to handle your new tasks.
  • Allow your mom to help you out. After giving birth, it is likely that you have not yet regained your energy. Your mom is the best person to ask help from. She definitely knows a thing or two about caring for infants, seek advice from her.
  • Be ready to breastfeed. You should not be in a hurry to bring back your pre-pregnancy weight because you need all the nutrients that you can get to breastfeed your child. It is not yet time to go on a crash diet or engage in an exhausting exercise routine. Anyway, you will automatically lose weight as you breastfeed.
  • Be patient with yourself. Don’t be frustrated easily when you didn’t do a task right. Remember that it is just your first time. Give yourself the time to learn all the things, starting from how to change diaper properly, what to do when your baby cries, choosing the best baby products to communicating effectively with your newborn.
  • Bond with your husband once in a while. Your priorities will surely change as soon as you give birth. But this is not a reason to ignore your relationship with your husband. Find time to go out on a date. You can leave your newborn to your mom for a few hours. Psychologists underscored that first time parents should also find time to express intimacy with each other. Strengthening your relationship with your husband is key to being an effective mom.
  • Sleep when your baby sleeps.  As a new mom, your focus should be on your newborn. Forget the household chores for the meantime. If you are a working mom, you will absolutely need a helper.
  • Save. If before giving birth, you spent so much for your personal luxuries, you better think about it now. As a mom, your financial priorities will be automatically shifted to the necessities of your baby. Saving for your baby does not mean depriving yourself of the things that you also need and want. You just need to be more careful in deciding where you should use your money. You’re now a mom, making you wiser than ever.
  • Give love, attention and affection to your baby. When your baby cries, child experts said that he/she just needs the tender loving care of a mom. Cuddling and touching your newborn can do the trick. Studies suggest that talking to your baby helps strengthen your mother-child relationship. So, keep on talking and listening to your baby’s needs.

Experts added that you won’t spoil your baby by responding promptly when he/she cries. In fact, it will help build trust and a strong emotional bond.