Pauleen Luna calls Vic Sotto ‘Babe’

By on May 6, 2014


Photo: Instagram account of Pauleen Luna


Pauleen Luna is now more vocal with her alleged relationship with veteran comedian Vic Sotto.

Recently, she posted photos on Instagram, stating how happy she is right now.

The first photo showed  Sotto and his children during the actor’s kiddie-themed 60th birthday, with a caption: “Today, I saw happiness in Vic’s eyes. The kind of happiness that no one can ever buy. He’s truly a blessed man, in all ways. I am happy to have seen this with my own eyes.”

The next caption saw her calling Vic as her ‘babe,’ “And also, to be a part of his life. God is really the best! With Him, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. I love you, babe.”

She also posted her photo with Sotto, with a caption, “We may not spend so much time together because of our crazy schedule but this is the strongest we’ve ever been. I am happy we reached this stage. This is our happiest, so far! God has been so good to us!”