Heart Evangelista ready to be Mrs. Escudero

By on May 5, 2014


Heart with chiz

Heart Evangelista with boyfriend Sen. Chiz Escudero. Photo from Heart’s Facebook Page.


With certainty, Heart Evangelista said that she will be Mrs. Chiz Escudero soon.

This, she revealed in an interview with the Yahoo! Philippines during the Cream Silk at 30 anniversary party.
“Well I think we’ve set, like he already fixed his household and everything. So eventually I’m probably going to move in to that,” she said.

She added: “It’s not really so much an effort for me to learn how to cook and everything ’cause there’s already a cook. But you know, little things… I’ve learned to cook na rin and stuff, and I’m also very domesticated myself so I think I won’t have a hard time adjusting.”


Chiz quits smoking

Heart is also glad that her boyfriend has finally stopped smoking.
“That’s good, because now that we’ve found each other in this crazy world, we’d like to really live a long life together. And I’m so thrilled, so happy and super supportive that he quit smoking,” the 29-year-old actress said.

“Now he gets to do other things he never got to do before, like he can run, he’s on the treadmill longer and then he’s eating nice. So it’s really nice that he’s taken that shift in life,” she added.

When asked about her thoughts on being the future First Lady, she said: “Many people ask me if he’s going to run for a higher position. Honestly, I don’t hear him or he doesn’t do anything. It’s funny because they probably think na all about politics – eat and they play and that’s all they talk about. But no, we just really talk about our life together.”

“If it’s really for him, then it’s for him. But if it’s not, I’m really okay with just being Mrs. Escudero. I’ve had my fill of being in the public eye, so I’m already okay with just living a quiet life,” she concluded.