Pinoys rank third most confident consumers in the world

By on May 3, 2014

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(UPDATED) According to a recent survey conducted by global media research firm Nielsen, Filipinos are the third most confident consumers in the world out of the 60 countries included in the survey.

The Philippines scored 116 points in Nielsen’s Global Consumer Confidence and Spending Intentions survey. This value is two points higher than the one obtained by the end of 2013.

“In the latest round of the survey, conducted Feb. 17–March 7, 2014, consumer confidence increased in 60 percent of markets measured by Nielsen—up from 43 percent the previous quarter (Q4 2013),” according to the Nielsen report.

Pinoys came in third after Indonesia (1st, 124 pts) and India (2nd, 121 pts).

The said survey measures the public’s positive attitude toward the overall state of local and global economy. The values mean that more and more Filipinos are getting more confident of their purchasing power.

“And there are other positive signs,” Nielsen reported. “Perceptions of local job prospects improved in all regions except Latin America; recessionary sentiment improved in 68 percent of markets; and discretionary spending intentions increased in all regions.”


Global Consumer Confidence and Spending Intentions:

Indonesia: 124 pts.
India: 121 pts.
Philippines: 116 pts.
United Arab Emirates: 114 pts.
Hong Kong: 111 pts.


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