Primary health care investments provide faster care, closer to home

By on May 2, 2014



Albertans will soon have even more convenient and timely access to the services of primary health care professionals.

The government is making $32 million available to Primary Care Networks (PCN) in 2014-15 to implement advancements such as same day/next day appointments and extended operating hours.

The government will also be making up to $45 million in new funding in Budget 2014 available for the implementation of nine new Family Care Clinics in the Edmonton, Calgary, Peace River, and central Alberta areas that will focus on providing community-specific health care services.

These efforts are supported by the government’s continuing efforts to expand the scope of practice of a variety of health professionals in the province, including most recently pharmacists and optometrists.

“These investments are part of the government’s ongoing efforts to increase the availability and convenience of primary health care services in Alberta communities. By ensuring that Albertans are able to access care from a variety of health care professionals at times and locations that are convenient to them is key in both helping people manage their health and in the province achieving better health outcomes overall.”

Fred Horne, Health Minister

In addition, a Primary Health Care Strategic Clinical Network will be established to provide research that will aid in the ongoing development of primary health care in Alberta.

Future primary health care decisions will be made based on ongoing research and will be based on the principles of the Primary Health Care Strategy. Decisions will be patient focused, regardless of what model of care is implemented moving forward.

Under the Building Alberta Plan, our government is investing in families and communities, living within our means, and opening new markets for Alberta’s resources to ensure we’re able to fund the services Albertans told us matter most to them. We will continue to deliver the responsible change Albertans voted for.