Kris and Herbert status: “The best of friends”

By on April 24, 2014


Photo: Facebook Page of Kris Aquino


Kris Aquino finally spoke up about the real score between her and Herbert Bautista.

Via her Instagram account, she said: “We’re not a “couple” but we are the BEST OF FRIENDS. And in this uncertain world, we’re sure to be FRIENDS FOR LIFE. That’s actually what we started as, it’s where we are most comfortable being, and for whatever tomorrow may still bring, true & lasting friendship is always the best foundation.”

She added: “May I quote my favorite song? “Thanks to you for teaching me how to live, putting things in perspective. Teaching me how to give, and how to take, no mistake…” I grew up a lot this 2014 & he had a big role in what I am today. #noregrets #stillbelieveinlove #someday

Aquino also posted a ‘thank you’ message to the Quezon City mayor for sending her boxes of electrolyte sports drink.

“I got home & saw all the Gatorade waiting for me. Thank You HB! (Sorry I broke my rule about not mentioning him in my IG account. ☺️),” Kris posted on Tuesday evening.
Aquino was rushed to the hospital on Tuesday, April 22 due to low electrolytes.
Earlier this month, Kris surprised the public when she admitted that she and Herbert are a “work in progress.”