Finding your life’s purpose

By , on April 24, 2014


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With this busy world we are living in, how often are we able to reflect and scrutinize the life we have at the moment? Are we happy? Are we contented? Do we yearn for more?

The magic question then pops out: Have we already discovered our life’s purpose?

Life is indeed a long and winding road, but there are steps that we can take to unravel the reason for why we are here. Here they are:

Know your Life’s Vision

Write all your dreams. Possible or seemingly impossible, it does not matter. Beside each dream, put a check mark if you have already fulfilled that dream. If that dream has not yet been fulfilled, write a particular action that you plan to take so you can achieve it. Sometimes, all it takes are baby steps and a determined mind.

Start a New Hobby 

What is this one activity that you want to do if only you have the chance? Write it down. It may be learning a new language, joining a theatre group or joining a singing competition. Work on it. Make it happen.

Join a Community

Every single day, you are swamped with your office job or your demanding role as a parent. Have you ever thought of joining a community that has your same issues and problems? Join this community, meet new people and advocate with them. You never know— you might find your life purpose this way.

Identify what you really want in life

Some people buy the lie that they cannot find their life’s purpose because of lack of money.

Most often, the idea of financial instability is so daunting that some have even exchanged what would truly make them happy for stability and the tried and true. But ask them if they’re happy and contented and the answers are always an imperceptible shake of the head or an uncertain yes.

Equip yourself with useful knowledge

Read inspiring books, feed your mind, believe you are capable.

Reading can give you a sense of possibility, a sense of what’s out there. It can resonate with you and prepare you for what the universe has to offer.


Go out on “Purpose Exploration” activities

Continue exploring. This may be through attending workshops, conventions, and other gatherings where you can find people who share your passion.

Try something new, an activity that is not related to your passion, perhaps. You never know—this may lead you to your life’s purpose.

Reflect for 60 minutes every day

In a journal, write down all your feelings at the end of the day. Ask yourself, “Am I happy?” “What can I contribute to improve the world I am living in?”

Cry, laugh, rant, rage, express your fears and your innermost thoughts in this journal. Only by dwelling within and paying homage to what’s actually inside you will your path and purpose be clearer.