Ken Hughes Formally Announces Run for Alberta PC Leadership

By on April 12, 2014

Minister of Municipal Affairs/MLA for Calgary-West Ken Hughes.
Minister of Municipal Affairs/MLA for Calgary-West Hon. Ken Hughes.


Ken Hughes, MLA, has officially announced that he is a candidate for the Alberta PC Party leadership. Travelling the Province, starting in Longview Friday morning April 11th, 2014 and ending in Grande Prairie Saturday morning April 12, 2014, he is speaking to Albertans in five communities. Earlier this week, he resigned as Minister.

“My focus will be on building a team that will be principled, prudent and practical,” said Mr. Hughes. He understands that great things can happen when there is a strong level of trust between a leader and his or her team. He is committed to delivering a common sense and no-nonsense leadership approach, reflecting Alberta values.

Mr. Hughes has a keen interest in making the best use of taxpayer dollars. “We need to get back to the basics in some respects – providing solid services based on prudent spending priorities, while focusing on investing in the right places. We should not be scared of investing in a great future for our province. However, at the same time, we need to do so with a tremendous amount of discipline,” said Mr. Hughes.

As a successful independent business person, with only two years’ experience in Cabinet and caucus, he brings an informed yet independent insight to the leadership. He has frequently been asked to take on complex and difficult leadership challenges. Leading Alberta at this important crossroad is a challenge he is well prepared to take on.

He is the MLA for Calgary West, was Minister of Energy for 19 months. and was most recently the Minister of Municipal Affairs for 4 months.

For most of the past 20 years, Hughes and his wife Denise built a business and raised their family of three, now all teenagers.

Growing up in rural Alberta in a family cattle business has helped shape his deep understanding of both rural and urban communities. A fourth generation Albertan and veteran in both federal and provincial governments, Mr. Hughes is well suited to work with an experienced Alberta PC Party to rejuvenate the caucus, the party and the Government of Alberta.

Most importantly, Ken Hughes is determined to help lead Alberta with great energy, enthusiasm, and judgment.

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Official press release courtesy of the Office of Ken Hughes via Niall Condon. 11 April 2014.