‘Domeng’ causes 5 provinces to raise storm surge warning

By , on April 7, 2014

Typhoon 'Domeng' approaches Davao City. Screenshot of Weather.com.ph
Typhoon ‘Domeng’ approaches Davao City. Screenshot of Weather.com.ph


As of April 7 afternoon (Manila time), the Philippine government has issued storm surge warnings in at least 5 provinces as tropical depression ‘Domeng’ (international name ‘Peipah’) approaches Surigao at 13 kph.

The Department of Science and Technology (DOST), in cooperation with Project Noah, identified 134 stations in coastal areas that lie along Domeng’s path.

See Storm Surge Warnings courtesy of Project Noah.

Storm surges vary from 0.5m to 0.63m, according to Project Noah’s report.

Earlier reports stated that the sea level may rise up to two meters due to the combination of high tide and storm surge. This report was later debunked by Mahar Lagmay, the Executive Director of Project Noah.

In an interview with Rappler.com, Lagmay clarified, “The high tide level is still at sea level. Only the storm surge will spill over land. The storm surge will not reach 2 meters. Total water levels above the normal will only be the predicted height of the storm surge.”

The adjustments were made after PAGASA downgraded ‘Domeng’ from a tropical storm to a tropical depression.

With report from Rappler.com, Weather.com.ph, Project Noah