Could the ones responsible for MH370 be out of this world?

By , on March 30, 2014

BOEING 777-200, the make and model of Malaysia Airlines MH370. STOCK PHOTO BY RUSSAVIA ON WIKIPEDIA.
BOEING 777-200, the make and model of Malaysia Airlines MH370. STOCK PHOTO BY RUSSAVIA ON WIKIPEDIA.


It is absolutely ridiculous and yet perfectly plausible. Loony yet believable.

Could aliens be responsible for the mind-boggling disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370?

More than two weeks since it vanished with 239 passengers and crew member on board from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, no significant findings have been found and the missing persons’ loved ones—together with the rest of the world—are hanging on to every news update flashed before their eyes.


Without a trace

One of the biggest questions about this entire ordeal is how a 247-ton aircraft simply vanish into thin air just like that?

With all the technological advancements created and continuously improved to increase air flight security, how could the authorities lose track of such a gargantuan plane?

There are several theories that have bubbled up about MH370’s disappearance and what could have happened after air traffic control lost sight of it in mid-air. There’s terrorism, hijacking, suicide bombers, mid-air explosion or collision, plane crash, emergency landing, Edward Snowden, the Illuminati, and an incredibly cruel advertising strategy.

And then there are the not-so-easy-to-buy-into and more movie-ish theories like a new season of ‘Lost,’ the curse of the Bermuda Triangle, a rip in the seam of time and space continuum opening into an alternate universe, kidnapping for human experimentation, and then there’s alien abduction.

Several articles surfaced online about how feasible each theory is upon compared to a massive 209-foot airplane equipped with state of the art facilities. Most theories did not hold up to the Boeing 777-200, saying that the black box could have survived any explosion or crash and transmit significant data up to 30 days after an incident; some of the passengers’ mobile phones were still ringing, as reported by some of their loved ones who tried to contact them, which is proof that at least their mobile phones survived any sort of fortuitous event; a mid-air explosion—whether by mechanical failure or missile impact—will create debris and most airplane parts are buoyant, which means at some point within the past two or three weeks, rescuers and searchers should’ve have found something significant.

Since Thursday, Australia, China, and even singer-actress Courtney Love reported sightings of debris, but failed to verify if these were indeed parts of the missing plane.

With such tremendous odds against perfectly scientific and logical speculations about what really happened to MH370, more and more people are starting to believe that something not of this earth could have caused the (so far) inexplicable disappearance of Malaysia Airlines MH370.




Not so ridiculous after all

I know, I know. The idea of an alien abduction alone seems profanely preposterous.

I myself never believed in the presence of life outside earth and to be perfectly honest, I still don’t. But after reading more than my share of alien theories related to MH370 and other inexplicable mysteries from time immemorial, I think I’m beginning to understand why extraterrestrial involvement may not be so ridiculous after all.

Though satire news website National Report’s article about aliens being involved in the missing aircraft created a buzz online, some people still can’t quite wrap their fingers on the idea that aliens really have nothing to do with MH370. In fact, it may have stirred more interest in the paranormal that launched even more probing into the matter.

A day after the plane disappeared, Forbidden Knowledge TV (FKTV) published an online article about the possible involvement of a UFO. FKTV is devoted to disseminating information about alien activities on earth. According to the report, author Alexandra Bruce noted a YouTube video from uploader DAHBOO7. The video showed “two anomalies” about aircraft movements departing the airport as seen on radar playback. First, a round object appears on the left side of the radar playback. At first, the radar doesn’t recognize what the object is, hence the round image. Then all of a sudden, the round object turns into an airplane as reflected on radar. The newly transformed “plane” appeared to move “at least five times the speed of surrounding planes.”  A few moments before MH370 disappeared on the said radar, the object in question—which is now being referred to as an unidentified flying object (UFO)—seemed to remain stationary at the edge of the screen, hovering in place.

The second anomaly is about the uncharacteristic behavior of MH370 as shown on radar. Right about as MH370 crossed the Malaysian Peninsula, the plane showed signs of distress. According to the video and Bruce’s report, “the plane took three sharp turns: right, left, right at an altitude of 35,000 feet and at a speed of 473 knots.” After those turns, radar readings went from 35,000 feet to 0 and then completely vanished.

The round-turned-airplane object, which “for now can only be termed as a UFO,” also vanished from the screen.


More alien theories rising

The International Business Times reported about alien abductions theories creating a social media buzz about three days after the plane mysteriously fades into thin air.

Author Kabita Maharana wrote, “Skepticism of a terror attack or hijack is looming big as no distress signal or communication was received from the crew,” which effectively rules out the possibility of a terrorist attack or a suicide bombing incident despite reports of two passengers who boarded the plane using stolen passports.

The more logical suggestions were being debunked one by one by equally logical arguments, which in effect leaves nothing but the rather bizarre explanations about the whereabouts of MH370 that carried (or carries) 227 passengers and 12 members of the flight crew.

The report capitalized on the fact that the plane disappeared while it “was flying at more than 35,000 feet… in good weather condition” which further made the theory of alien attack more plausible even to skeptics. Add to that the slightly alarming fact that powerful satellites going around the world failed to find any trace of the fated plane.

A part of a report from UK’s The Daily Star said that extraterrestrials “saved the plane from crashing.”

The Daily Star cited LightWeb News as a source where a “comprehensive announcement” showed MH370 aboard “an alien spaceship” after a reported “hydraulic failure.”

However ridiculous or believable the reports may seem, perhaps when a Boeing 777 disappears without a trace for almost three weeks (and still counting), anyone and everyone will tend to believe any theory that offers a plausible explanation or a momentary relief from the clandestine.

Despite the cliché’s fame, ignorance is not bliss—not in school, not in real life. In the case of the 239 lives aboard the plane and the countless family and friends awaiting their safe return, ignorance is the last thing they want. Everybody, including spectators, is hoping for a positive outcome amidst this seemingly desperate situation.

Disclaimer: I, the author, am merely stating theories available online after doing research. This article is by no means a way to belittle the search and rescue efforts being conducted by 27 different countries nor am I creating a mockery of the missing persons’ (and their loved ones’) physical and psychological struggle through these trying times. With the rest of the world, the Philippine Canadian Inquirer grieves with the loved ones of those on board the plane and hopes the truth will soon prevail over the mystery that is Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.