Kathryn Bernardo won’t commit yet

By , on March 24, 2014


Photo: Facebook Page of Kathryn Bernardo
Photo: Facebook Page of Kathryn Bernardo

Differences in religious beliefs may come between young stars Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla.

In a media gathering for her 18th birthday celebration, Bernardo, a member of Iglesia ni Cristo (INC), admitted that she’s not open to dating a guy who does not share same religious beliefs with her.

Prompting the media to ask, what would happen to her blossoming friendship with her on-screen partner, Daniel Padilla, who is a Catholic.

She replied, “That is a long process. I’ve told him, but I’m not about to force him. I know DJ (Daniel’s nickname) believes in the existence of a higher being—that’s what’s important.”

Though the “the Teen Queen” admitted that she cares for Daniel, she cleared that she’s not yet ready to commit to him, “Religion is one of the factors, but it’s mainly because we don’t want our love life to interfere with our careers right now,” she explained.

Kathryn added that Daniel has once attended an INC service but failed to attend again, “We sometimes talk about differences in teachings between INC and the Catholic church. If one wills [to convert], madaling gawan ng paraan. (it’s easy to find a way) My dad, a Catholic, converted to be with my mom,” she said.

Kathryn and Daniel were last seen in the hit drama series “Got to Believe.” In April, they will start working on a new movie, “She’s Dating a Gangster,” with director Cathy Garcia-Molina.

Kathryn’s debut

On March 29, Kathryn will celebrate her 18th birthday at Blue Leaf Filipinas in Parañaque City.

The theme will be “modern vintage.”

“It fits my personality. I never wanted a princess- or circus-theme party. I personally picked my ball gown, by Francis Libiran, and my after-party dress, Vania Romoff. The program will be short. DJ has volunteered to be my escort. He will be my last dance. Papa (Teodoro) will be my first; my brother (Kevin Carlo), second,” she explained.

Her gift to herself is a trip to Europe with her family. She is also arranging a trip to Korea with her friends from show business, which, according to her, is her ‘thank you’ gift to them.

When asked if she’s ready to do more mature roles, now that she’s turning 18, she said, “It’s hard to say goodbye to characters like Chichay (“Got to Believe”), but I can’t stick to teenybopper roles. I won’t rush into things, either. One thing is for sure: no kissing scenes.”