CHDS holds dental mission in tragedy-stricken Visayan provinces

By , on March 23, 2014

FOUR THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED (4,500) PATIENTS were served by members of CARING HEARTS DENTISTRY SOCIETY in three provinces of the Philippines from January 4 to 24, 2014 which included tooth extractions, dental fillings and tooth restoration. Approximate value in Philippine Currency for the services rendered is P4,025,000 (Four million twenty five thousand pesos) equivalent to C$100,625 (One hundred thousand six hundred twenty five Canadian dollars).

The members of the Caring Hearts Dentistry Society (CHDS) led by its Chairman Elena C. Agala and President Dr. Danilo Salcedo launched a remarkable undertaking as they successfully conducted a Dental Mission in the Philippines, specifically in the disaster-stricken areas in Bohol, Cebu City and Tacloban City.

This mission, funded primarily by the Society’s founding directors Dr. Danilo Salcedo, Dr. Gloria Samosa, Dr. Francisca Valdes and Ms. Elena Agala, were conducted in partnership with the Rotary World Help and the Rotary Club of Richmond Sunrise. This humanitarian program aims to help the needy and less fortunate to alleviate their sufferings brought about by the recent 7.2 magnitude earthquake and typhoon Haiyan that hit the Philippines late last year.

The humanitarian endeavour of CHDS began when they left Vancouver in British Columbia on January 2, 2014. Upon their arrival in the Philippines, they immediately headed to the Municipality of Panglao in Bohol where they stayed there from January 4 to 10, 2014. The Canadian-Filipino dentists and members of the CHDS went to the Trinity’s Angels Care Home where they distributed toys, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and clothing to the orphan children. Moreover, the CHDS went to a fishing village in Barangay Doljo, Panglao and organized a mass feeding for 800 children and parents. A dental mission were also carried out benefitting 1,400 patients (adult and children) that provided them various procedures such as tooth extraction, restoration and prophylaxis. Apart from this, the CHDS has also distributed relief aid, hospital and dental equipment and medical supplies essential for the community’s need. The good deed of the CHDS members did not end with this as they successfully opened a Rotary Library and a Computer Centre equipped with the donated computers readily available for the utilization of the public.

The group continued their endeavour as they proceeded to Cebu City to conduct a similar mission from January 11 to 17, 2014. They visited the Department of Social Welfare & Development Area Vocational Rehabilitation Center Home for Girls (battered women and children) and  Home for Persons with Disabilities (deaf, blind, mute). CHDS team administered a mass feeding as well as performing one thousand (1,000) various dental treatments to the said individuals. CHDS team headed by Elena Agala also inspected a donated library and a dental clinic from Rotary World Help in DSWD Labangon. Subsequently, they went in Zapatera Elementary School where they distributed toys, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and clothing.. More so, the CHDS performed dental mission to teachers and students of the said school. One thousand five hundred (1,500) patients benefitted from the said activity. In addition, CHDS has also taken the opportunity to visit the Canadian fire truck shipped by Rotary World Help on January 2012.

The significant work made by the members of the CHDS in the three islands of the Philippines was not left unnoticed as they were given due recognition by Canadian Ambassador Neil Reeder and Canadian Senator Tobias Enverga held in the City Government  of Manila on January 20, 2014. The Ambassador and Senator acknowledged Caring Hearts Dentistry Society’s humanitarian services and hard work rendered to the people of Bohol, Cebu City and Tacloban, Leyte from January 4 to 24, 2014. The two dignitaries were also present in witnessing the turnover ceremony of Rotary World Help three containers donation for six hospitals in Manila led by Past District Governor Josie Ang of District 3810 and Dr. Cynthia Munoz in partnership with the City of Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada. All Rotary District officials were present.

The society also went to Tacloban City from January 21 to 24, 2014 to extend their chartable efforts. They have donated food and distributed toys, hygiene packs, and clothing. Additionally, they conducted dental mission benefitting 600 patients in Tacloban City Hospital.

The CHDS is a registered non-profit society that is purely civic and social in nature. It is a group of Canadian-Filipino dentists and volunteers from Vancouver, British Columbia conducting international dental missions. The members of the 2014 Dental Mission to the Philippines are Elena Agala, Dr. Danilo Salcedo, Dr. Gloria Samosa, Dr. Francisca Valdes, Dr. Marietta Quiambao, Ghee Salcedo, Pacifico Alegro, Francisco Valdes, Steve Gable, Bonnie Gable, Ronald Mackenzie, Margaret Mackenzie, Michelle Ann Quiambao, Nancy Bantug, Jenny de Guzman, Minerva Tolentino, Mirjana Valdes, Andrew Milne, Sydney Harrison and Lorna Simms.

Finally, to compliment all of these, a holistic medicine lecture and treatment by Dr. Danilo Salcedo such as acupuncture, hypnosis, tai chi and osteopathy (bone alignment) was also carried out to the calamity victims and Rotary partners in Bohol, Cebu City and Tacloban, Leyte.

With the success of the 2014 Dental Mission to the Philippines, the society, together with their supporters, envisions helping more people as they go on with their journey of serving their constituents.



  • 4,500 patients were provided dental care in Bohol, Cebu City and Tacloban, Leyte affected by the earthquake and typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda in the Philippines)
  • Distribution of basic health supplies including toothbrushes, dental floss, toothpaste and hygiene packs.
  • Giving out toys, clothing, Tim Horton T-shirts and Edgewater Casino sweatshirts and pants to all patients & calamity survivors.
  • Mass feeding to 1050 poor children, adults, disabled people and abused women/children in Bohol and Cebu City
  • Distribution of basic food supplies in Tacloban, Leyte such as rice, noodles, milk, coffee, canned goods, water bottles and the like.