IM Ready portal enables one-stop traffic navigation and weather updates in PH

By , on March 6, 2014


Gnarled traffic and devastating natural disasters are without a doubt two of the most pervasive problems dealt with by people in the Philippines. In this regard, the utilization of technology to help address these problems comes as a welcome development. Apps are being created by start-up companies to help alleviate the traffic or aid in disaster response, and never a moment too soon.

Philippines’ broadcasting giant GMA joined these two applications by creating the IM Ready portal to keep people posted on both the traffic conditions and any natural disaster alerts.

With real-time information on traffic situations and weather reports all in one page, IM Ready allows users to keep tabs on traffic conditions under the GMA Roadwatch tab, and to check on the weekly weather forecast and rainfall and humidity overview for country under the GMA Weather tab.

The web app also pins alerts such as accidents and disaster areas to the map.

To make this public service-centric portal a reality, GMA is working in partnership with several companies and organizations that will provide the alerts and information in real-time. Some of these organizations are Waze and MMDA, the agencies responsible for the traffic updates; Google Maps; and the Department of Science and Technology.

Plans for the portal’s immediate future include commute route options, metro train services and fare rates through the data gathered from government agencies such as the Department of Transportation and Communications, Metro Rail Transit Authority, and the Philippine National Railways.

There are likewise plans to strengthen online information services in provincial areas, particularly those natural disasters. This was revealed by IM Ready Public Service Group head Dr. Carlos Primo David to reporters from the Philippine Star.

To make it even more accessible, IM Ready will also be available as a mobile app for Android and iOS in the months to come.