How to be a real hottie when you’re preggy?

By , on February 26, 2014


Preggy but still hottie? Achievable? Surely.

Gone are the days when pregnant women had to deprive themselves of stylish, oh-so revealing wardrobes—and seductive aura during their entire pregnancy.

Demi Moore’s revealing cover photo on Vanity Fair in 1991—made us all realize that—yes, pregnant women can still be beautiful and hot.

So, if you’re pregnant like me, go out of your way, feel proud of your growing belly and widening thighs and say to the world: “I am sexy and beautiful!”

  1. Flaunt it. Early on in your pregnancy, you will notice that your breasts get fuller. Take advantage of it. Go and purchase some sexy, lacy and racy bras from your favorite lingerie store.

“A [maternity] bra with good support is an investment worth making,” fashion designer Liz Lange said. As for underwear, she recommends non-maternity styles—even thongs—as long as they fit under the belly.

“It’s not about showing it all off,” Lange, who is also the president and founder of Liz Lange Maternity added. “It’s about sophistication and style.”

Shop for a close fitting dress that hugs your curvier figure. With overflowing breasts, wider hips, and plumper booties, you will surely be a hottie preggy, especially in the eyes of your hubby.

Swimming is one of the few exercises that you can engage in when pregnant. Make it as an excuse to wear a bikini and flaunt your baby bump.

Who says you can’t be sexy with tees and jeans? A white tee paired with tight fitting jeans can emphasize your growing breasts, widening hips and flabbier booties.

  1. Pamper yourself. Most pregnant women experience dizziness, vomiting, headache, and food aversions especially in the first trimester. So, don’t we deserve some pampering?

A professional massage, specifically designed for pregnant women, will surely awaken your senses and lighten up your mood. So go ahead and visit the nearest spa (make it as an excuse to date your hubby!)

How about your hair? Are you still happy with your hairstyle? Majority of pregnant women notice extra hair growth sometime in their pregnancy. Take advantage of it and get yourself a new hairstyle.

It is an old myth that you can’t treat yourself with a manicure and pedicure when pregnant—newly cleaned and colored fingernails and toenails look sexy with your favorite wristwatch and flip flops.

What perfume scent do you flaunt? As your hormones are in high gear, any scent can be heavenly enhanced. Some engaging fragrances you can consider include Brazil Bea Avon, Beautiful Estee Lauder and Body Victoria Secret.

Before going to bed with your husband, indulge your beautiful body with shower gel and lotion—surely, he will turn the lights off—and make a romantic and (sensual) night out of it.

  1. Refresh yourself. Pregnancy is not the right time to feel ugly. Remember, we all have that pregnancy glow that we just need to enhance.

Keep your hair combed. Though you can’t get a hair treatment, you can still make it fabulous by wearing a cute wig if you wish. But basically, a well-combed hair will do the trick.

Heavy makeup and daily cream are not recommended when pregnant—lighten up your face by adding a little bit of lip gloss—and of course—a nice, genuine smile.

  1. Set up a relaxing mood for a romantic date. Being pregnant is not an excuse to not date your husband. Guess what? You can actually start something special and seductive by taking a candle-lit bath or coddling your body with some perfumed bath salts.

Set the mood of the night by lighting some candles and playing some soothing, sexy music.

  1. Believe that you are beautiful. Never mind your expanding waistline, hips and thighs; ignore your pimples or your dry lips; worry not about your dry hair or your varicose veins—embrace them—and learn to live with them—for the next nine months.

They are signs that you are growing and nurturing a beautiful creature inside you—and for this sole reason—you are indeed, beautiful!

Sending baby dust magic your way!