Journey to the Crown: Tayler Jotie

By , on January 31, 2014

Photo courtesy of Norm Lee.
Photo courtesy of Norm Lee.


Tayler Jotie was just like any normal young woman—making a living, learning about life one day at a time—until a visit to the mall changed her life for good.


A Day at the Mall

Would you believe that Tayler’s first hand at modeling was achieved with the help of her grandparents?

“My Grandparents told me about the ‘Be the Face of Central City Mall’ Model Search in November (2013),” she recalled.

“I entered (the contest and) was lucky to be in the Top 18. During the competition, I sang for the first time on stage and ended up winning the modeling contract for Central City Mall,” she beamed.

But more than winning a modeling contract, she also gained the opportunity that thousands of young ladies are wishing for.

“I was introduced to Ike Lalji, chairman & CEO of Miss World Canada. I was given the amazing opportunity to be sponsored by Miss World Canada is this year’s 2014 Pageant!” Tayler shared.


Miss World Canada candidate Tayler Jotie. Photo courtesy of Zed Studio 7.
Miss World Canada candidate Tayler Jotie. Photo courtesy of Zed Studio 7.


Journey to the Crown

“Since November, I have been introduced to such an amazing group of people within the Miss World Canada Organization, as well as in the community,” Tayler said.

Being part of a major beauty pageant entails perks as well as responsibilities, but Tayler is enjoying each opportunity as it comes.

“It’s been such a great experience to meet new people every day, and to be a part of something like this,” she said. “In such a short period of time, I have been able to participate in Variety Children’s fundraisers & community events around the city.”

As a candidate, a busy schedule must be braved with a beautiful face and always pleasing personality. So, what’s keeping Tayler motivated?

“When I learned how much good you can do (in helping) children around the world and to voice what you believe in, that’s exactly what inspired and motivated me to be a part of Miss World Canada,” she explained.

“The feeling you get from helping others is nothing you can explain (and) to experience this is so rewarding,” Tayler smiled.

While most contestants hire a “beauty pageant coach” to guide them through the process, Tayler chooses to learn by herself along the way.

“I am learning this new world from scratch—not only to gain experience and teach myself along the way—but to also show every young girl that you can do anything you put your mind to,” she said.

Tayler is keeping herself—and her mind—open to attend all events and she gets invited to. She prioritizes volunteer events for charities where she could pitch in and help out as much as she can.

Physically, she practices yoga to keep her beauty queen body.

“A few times a week I also do hot yoga to keep healthy and to stay in touch with my inner self,” she shared.


Photo courtesy of Tayler Jotie.
Photo courtesy of Tayler Jotie.


Life goes on

Tayler shared that if she’s not a Miss World Canada candidate, she’d be a business liaison officer for an environmental corporation who dabbles in civic events and advocacies.

“I would continue to work full time… as a business liaison, as well as attend numerous community events, primarily focused on anti‐bullying,” she said.

“Miss World Canada has shown me how important it is to help others in need. Even if I was not participating in the Miss World Canada 2014 Pageant, I truly believe that I would still be working towards voicing anti‐ bullying to people within my community,” she added.

Learning more about Miss World Canada helped Tayler to understand their slogan better, which is “beauty with a purpose.”

She found out more about the different causes that Miss World is championing and she is more than excited to help out in any way that she possibly can.

“I am a firm believer that every child should feel special & loved. This is why I want my voice to be heard about anti‐bullying,” she said. “Growing up, I was a victim of bullying. (People) do not realize how many forms of bullying there are. I want to help stop children from being hurt physically and emotionally.”

Holding a cause close to her heart, Tayler vows to learn from her life experiences—whether from her childhood or from Miss World Canada.

“This is one of the lessons that I will take away from joining Miss World Canada—to speak for those who cannot.”

She wants to encourage others—especially aspiring beauty queens—to pursue their dreams and push through the tough times, just like she did.

“I truly think it is a privilege to mentor young girls and pass on the lessons I have learnt. I want to share my story with them that anything is possible to achieve that you want in life,” she shared.

Tayler believes that nothing can stop a person from achieving his/her goals except the person himself/herself.

“Nothing has to be hindered by where you come from, or how you were brought up, or how much money you have. It’s within, it’s your drive, it’s your confidence, your kindness—it’s you,” she said.

“My advice to aspiring beauty queens would be to follow what you truly believe in and don’t feel like you must act or be a certain way to please others. Your true beauty from within will shine the most,” Tayler said, flashing her winning smile that radiated her beauty within.

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