Filipina ‘Satanist’ nurse fined after posing with the dead and dying in Switzerland

By , on January 28, 2014

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MANILA, Philippines—A Filipina nurse dubbed as ‘Satanist’ by Swiss newspapers drew flak from netizens after posting her photos with the dead and dying pensioners of a nursing home in Saint Gallen, Switzerland on her Facebook account.

Based on the reports from Huffington Post United Kingdom, the nurse named Blaze Finder (Facebook pseudonym Ghostinthedark Stania Blaze) made a poll for her 2,000 Facebook friends—asking if the people she posed with were dead or alive.

Apart from the criticisms from netizens, the 37-year-old nurse shocked and saddened the Swiss Association of Nurses.

In one of her interviews, she said that she was “harvesting souls.”

A Swiss court charged her a fine equivalent to 120 days of pay, which is about £800 (roughly US $1,300, around P59,000).

Nonchalant on the issue

On her Facebook page, she responded casually to one of the netizens who criticized her action, “I can put anything I want in my Facebook, it’s mine. People who doesn’t want what I post they can juz up and die death is normal and people die all the time.”

Meanwhile, relatives of the pensioners expressed their objections toward the photos posted on Binder’s Facebook account.

“The images must instantly disappear from the internet,” 66-year-old Ruedi Forrer, son of one of the pensioners in Binder’s photos, said.

It was made cleared by the Philippine Nurses Association of the United Kingdom that Binder is not a member of their organization.

“The Philippine Nurses Association of the United Kingdom (PNA UK), as the official professional organization of Filipino Nurses in the UK, would like to make it clear that based on our official record of members, Blaze Binder is not a nurse member of the association,” said Michael Duque, president of the PNA UK.

Duque also emphasized that its international chapter in Switzerland also showed that Binder is not an active member of PNA there.

“As nurses, our profession dictates that we act in the best interest of the patient at all times being their advocate and protector. It is clear that Binder has not internalized these basic tenets of the profession but has instead philosophically distorted the very foundation to which every nurse has been made to realize when she was given the confidence to look after an elderly patient in a retirement care home in Ebersol, Switzerland,” Duque said in a statement.

As of posting, Binder’s Facebook account is now inaccessible to the public.