What did we learn in 2013?

By , on January 9, 2014

Photo from Flickr
Photo from Flickr

It’s New Year again!

Though 2013 brought a series of disasters in the Philippines, it also paved the way to countless lessons that we Filipinos can learn from so we will make it in 2014. Here are some of my personal revelations, so to speak, that we can use to move our story forward (in a positive way) this year:

Set the right priorities

Before the super typhoon struck the Philippines, the government (and outside organizations and media) issued safety warnings left and right, but in the end, many still died. Some meteorologists opine that the Philippines—despite the fact that it is a veteran of typhoons and other natural disasters—still lacks the right equipment and facilities to better protect its infrastructure or people. But knowing what we know now, knowing that typhoons will only be stronger and that we are just mere mortals—can’t we make it our top priority? The millions of relief money in our disposal may make it easier. Hopefully.

Trust that you can depend on someone

With the calamities that the Philippines went through last year, it was overwhelming to know that people from other countries also care. Actually, they don’t just care, but they are there to help in every way that they can. Philippine government officials (at least some) had also shown that they can unite in times of great need of their countrymen.

So let us leave all the worries that we are alone because we really are not. Not to say that we should be overly-dependent, but let’s relax our vigilance on trying to make it alone. It does feel good to know that someone is there to catch us when we fall (whether it’s our fault or not). It makes the journey is much more bearable.

Nothing is permanent

We all saw it: neither wealth nor power saved anyone who was on the path of the storm. It was the great equalizer, and the reality that unfolded before our eyes was very humbling to say the least.

The lesson: everything that we have right now can be taken away from us at anytime. Preparation is key. And it might help if you’ve been good.

Look at the brighter side of life

I heard a typhoon victim said that he will still have a happy Christmas because he still has his family to celebrate it with.

Looking at the good side of life, I can say this is one amazing trait of the Filipino. Indeed, a second life is enough reason to smile and bounce back again.

Shame on us who complain and nitpick on every tiny hurdle that life throws our way.

Have faith

Believe that everything can happen if we believe in ourselves, in the people that we trust, and in our Creator, who made all these victories and sufferings (and then victories, again) possible.