Let us party with good etiquette

By on December 3, 2013

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Christmas season is indeed the most wonderful time of the year. People around the world are busy shopping for gifts and preparing sumptuous foods for various gatherings.

And this jolly season calls for reunions—and with the Filipino extended family, this means partying all season round!

Whether you will attend a casual or a formal party, there are some party etiquettes that you should abide by:

  1. Reply to RSVP ASAP. A single text or e-mail should not be much of a hassle to you. As soon as you receive an RSVP, or répondez s’il vous plait, a French word meaning “please reply”, answer back so you can help the party host get an accurate head count.  Party etiquette experts consider your “no reply” as inconsiderate and rude.
  2. No latecomers please. Whether you are attending a casual or a formal party, the rule is to arrive 15 minutes before the start of the party..
  3. No early birds please. As much as you should not be late for the party, you should not also arrive way too early (like an hour before the event). When you do, you might just catch the hosts doing last minute preparations and she would not like it very much.
  4. No gatecrashers please. Although you received an invitation, it is inappropriate and rude to bring friends or relatives who are not included in the list of guests. The chances are, the uninvited will not be allowed to enter the venue, and that’s really embarrassing right?
  5. Know the dress code. If you are not sure about the dress code, it is considered acceptable to clarify this them. But party etiquette experts say it’s better to be overdressed than to be underdressed.
  6. No sunglasses please. Dress elegantly and converse sensibly instead.
  7. No individual pictorials please. Yes, you bring your iPhones and cameras and you want to move around the venue to take pictures beside the bar, near the party stage and the buffet table. Two or three photos are enough for your social media posts. Parties usually appoint official photographers to take pictures of guests; you can just wait for them to approach you and ask you to say ‘cheese’. Party experts say its impolite and a cause of distraction to see guests taking unlimited personal photos.
  8. Bring something. Party etiquette experts consider bringing something to a party a sign of your appreciation for being invited. For formal parties, you can bring a bottle of wine, flowers, or gourmet treats (like chocolates). For casual parties, you can simply bring some drinks or food to share.
  9. Don’t be shy. Partying is socializing so don’t be reluctant to greet the hosts and other guests as soon as you arrive. Attending parties is also a time to meet new people and it is indeed the most exciting part of partying. But there’s also a rule that you should not talk to a guest for too long so he/she can also converse with other guests and you, too can meet other guests. If you are romantically interested or you have a business proposal with a guest, schedule another meeting when you can talk all day.
  10. 10. Don’t be a stalker. So, you sighted a celebrity, your long-time crush or an interesting gal in the party. What should you do? Please don’t stalk! Wait for a mutual friend to introduce you formally. If this doesn’t happen, you can approach the person by introducing yourself and your friends—hopefully, you do it right and spark and interesting conversation.
  11. Light conversation only. As you party, you will be engaged in a conversation. The rule is to avoid talking about serious politics, religion and marriage as these topics were found to be weighty ones which can spark unnecessary debates. One more thing, don’t gossip about other guests, you’re there to enjoy and not to destroy others’ reputation. Remember the golden rule.
  12. Don’t get drunk. As you enter the party premises, you will be overwhelmed with the overflowing of drinks, but don’t drink too much and be that guest.
  13. Know when to leave. A party invitation for a formal party usually includes a specific end time, you should not overstay. In the event that end time is not mentioned or listed, you can go with the flow as to when most guests are leaving the party venue. The general rule is to leave as soon as the music stops playing. Don’t wait until bartenders and crews look desperate as they await your grand exit.
  14. Thank the host. For casual parties, you must approach the host to say ‘thank you’ before you leave. For formal events, it is much appropriate to send a thank-you note within one week of the party.

Practicing the abovementioned party etiquettes will not just make you a well-mannered guest, it will also open doors to more party invites this holiday season.

So party with all these in mind. Happy partying everyone!