Nikki Gil enjoys her freedom after the breakup

By , on November 12, 2013

Photo: Facebook Page of Nikki Gil
Photo: Facebook Page of Nikki Gil

A closed chapter of her life—this was how Nikki Gil described her five-year relationship with Billy Crawford.

During a press conference for her latest endorsement Filipino apparel “Maldita,” the 26-year-old entertainer seemed to be more comfortable in discussing her past romance.

She explained that what she and Crawford had was a “nightmare” that she doesn’t want to dwell on again, “No more na. I think we’ve both been given enough time to make it work. I’ve wasted enough time and energy on that matter. It’s time to move on and no looking back.”

Gil, however, said she’s not dismissing the idea of being friends with the singer-dancer again. Though, she’s firm that it won’t happen anytime soon.

Enjoying singlehood

Four months after the breakup, Nikki came to a realization that she has more freedom now to accept challenging and daring acting projects.

“I’m more carefree now. I don’t have to consider the feelings of anyone else if I have to kiss someone for a scene” she said.

Nikki plays a kontrabida (villain) role as Mystica Delaver in “Maria Mercedes” where she has kissing scenes with Jake Cuenca.

She also shows her provocative and sensual side in her rather steamy TV commercial for Maldita.

Despite all these, she cleared that posing for men’s magazines is not for her. “It’s not like I have a market for men’s magazines. Parang no, it’s not me so I will save you the agony of having to see it.”

She added, “I’m still not compromising anything that will make me feel uncomfortable. Kasi (Because) it will show and it will rob your audience of a good story if I feel uncomfortable with the character I’m playing.”

Nikki hopes to do Independent films and musical plays again when her schedule permits her.