Cold Weather Skin and Hair Care 101

By , on October 25, 2013


The chill in the air heralds a lot of things: the coming of snow, Christmas holidays, gifts, parties, and other such holiday festivities.

But it also heralds other things, which are not so pleasant and festive in nature: dry, itchy skin, chapped , wind-burnt lips, and coarse hair.

Gear up for the coming cold and get your skin and hair in holiday mood with the following skin and hair care tips:

  1. Say goodbye to long, hot showers. Although tempting on a chilly day, these will only serve to further dry your skin out. Take shorter showers of around 10-15 minutes. Use a mild, moisturizing soap, and keep the heat on warm instead of steaming hot.
  2. Moisturize, then moisturize some more. Begin with a light body oil, applied directly to damp skin after you shower. This will help to lock in more moisture into your skin. Pat dry, then follow-up with an alcohol and fragrance-free moisturizer of your choice.
  3. Give your hands a little extra TLC. The skin on your hands is thin, containing less oil glands than other parts of your body. Be sure to faithfully apply a good hand moisturizer before you put on your gloves when you head out. Choose gloves made of a non-irritating fabric, and make sure gloves stay dry at all times. A heavier hand cream may be applied at night. Severely dry hands (and even feet!) will benefit from a few minutes in mittens (and socks!) after night creams are applied.
  4. Increase your body’s vitamin stores by loading up on the right food. Eat a variety of vitamin and mineral-rich fruits and veggies, nuts and whole grains to keep skin soft, smooth and supple.
  5. Exfoliate on a weekly basis. Get rid of top layers of dry, dead skin cells to help keep your face and body smooth. Pick-up a nice loofah and a gentle, natural skin exfoliant, and get a-scrubbing.
  6. Use a humidifier when possible. This is possibly the best way to combat dry, moisture-robbing weather indoors. Especially since thermostats will be turned-up higher than usual.
  7. Keep your smackers moistened at all times. Wear your favorite moisture-rich lipstick, or lip balm.
  8. Slather on Conditioner Before Lathering on Shampoo. Pre-conditioning your hair will prevent it from being stripped dry by shampoos and water heat. Avoid daily washing.
  9. Pick the Right Hair Brush. Boar’s bristles are the best at keeping static away, and help prevent follicle damage.
  10. And Don’t forget the Sunscreen. Yes, Sunscreen isn’t just for warm days on the beach, but for cold autumn and winter days, as well. As winter draws nearer, the sun moves closer to the earth, allowing for a nasty burn on the most unsuspecting of victims, especially on areas that aren’t bundled-up. Choose one SPF 15 or greater.