What will you miss about Willie Revillame?

By , on October 21, 2013

Photo: Facebook Page of Willing Willie
Photo: Facebook Page of Willing Willie

As TV host Willie Revillame ended his noontime show “Wowowillie” on Oct.12, many were asking if he would be missed. Well, for some who have witnessed his hosting career blossomed, the answer would be a definite “yes” as he had made a unique mark in noontime shows.

These are just some of them:

  1. Scolding hosts in front of the camera. Are you familiar with the famous line “You don’t do that to me” he threw to Booba? It went viral for quite some time. Some were amused, but most were annoyed. Still, it made him extra controversial.
  2. Songs for the masses. Are you familiar with Boom Tarat Tarat, Kendeng Kendeng, Araw-Araw Ay Pasko, Ikaw Na Nga, ‘Yun Ka, and I Love You? All of these became the last song syndrome of his fans as these were constantly played throughout the show (he also did a concert out of his noontime show) and in major radio stations. Lito Camo and Vehnee Saturno were the geniuses behind these novelty songs.
  3. Giving away jackets. Who would ever forget the line, “Bigyan na ng jacket yan!” (Give them a jacket!) Willie would always give away jackets to senior citizens and people with special needs at the start of the show. This line has also been spoofed in many other noontime shows.
  4. Dramatic stories. His was a noontime variety show, but Willie’s show had also featured stories of hardships of his contestants. Most of the time, the interview portion turned to be tearjerker moments between the host and the contestants, wherein the contestant who had the most dramatic story will get the highest cash prize.
  5. Dancers with controversial outfits. Due to his dancer’s sexy outfits, MTRCB would always call the show’s attention to change dancers’ outfits into something more appropriate for noontime viewers.
  6. All-girls co-hosts. Mariel Rodriguez, Grace Lee, and other former dancers were his co-hosts in “Wowowillie.” Male co-hosts like Randy Santiago and Rico J. Puno didn’t last in the show. Some were saying that Willie prefers all-girls co-hosts in his show.

Controversies. Willie’s name has always been paired with controversies, from his failed marriages to his conflict with the Kapamilya network. But all these made him all the more controversial.