NBA star has dinner with KC Concepcion

By , on October 21, 2013

The Houston Rockets recently visited the Philippines for NBA Global Games 2013 held last Oct. 10. But aside from the exciting basketball game, people are also talking about the dinner date that Rockets’ star Chandler Parsons and actress KC Concepcion had last Oct.8.

Reports said that the dinner date was arranged by a mutual friend. Also present in the said date were KC’s half-sisters and Parsons’ friend.

It added that the two started exchanging Twitter messages in April, before finally meeting in October.

In an interview with sports analyst, Charlie Cuna, the 24-year-old basketball heartthrob said that he hopes that he will have a chance to meet KC again in the future.

He also revealed that he has received a lot of messages via Twitter from Filipino fans and this was his message to them, “Thank you, it’s been awesome, the support they give.”

KC is 4 years older than Parsons.