Ser Chief is now a recording artist

By , on October 8, 2013

Photo from the Facebook Page of Richard Yap.
Photo from the Facebook Page of Richard Yap.

Don’t be surprised if you hear Ser Chief’s voice on radio stations as he is already a recording artist.

Richard Yap in real life, Ser Chief has just released his self-titled album, which has a carrier single “Don’t Know What to Do, Don’t Know What to Say.”

During his album launch recently, he said, “My ambition before was to just be a lounge singer. Para sa akin, okay na iyon (For me, that’s already okay) because I didn’t think I could make it in the recording industry because I had no background with acting and singing.”

Yap looked up to country singer Kenny Rogers, who started his singing career at the age of 50.

Before he was tapped to star in the consistent top-rating show “Please Be Careful with my Heart”, he really couldn’t imagine himself acting in front of cameras,” he added, “Mas gusto ko talagang kumanta dati (I really liked to sing) even before I got into acting.”

Proving himself

As soon as he entered show business, he has already prepared himself to face controversies. And now, some are saying that he should have just remained as an actor.

These were his thoughts on this: “Yes. Everyone has their own opinion. Meron talagang ayaw, meron talagang gusto (There will be people who will like it, while there are some who will not). They can  say what they want but let’s all be decent people.

At present, he is simply thankful for all the blessings that are coming his way.

He revealed that he wants to work with Anne Curtis and Dawn Zulueta in the future.