It’s more complicated for Wally Bayola

By , on September 10, 2013

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It’s more complicated. This may just not be Wally Bayola’s relationship status on Facebook, it may also describe the situation he is in now.

Being involved in a sex video watched by millions of people is already a complicated thing. But unlike real-life couple Chito Miranda and Neri Naig, who have been also involved in a sex video, Wally’s partner in the sex video is neither his wife nor his girlfriend as he is in fact married to a certain Riza Ruen Bayola and they have five kids.

Case against Bayola

The sex video of Bayola and Yosh can be a potential evidence of concubinage. According to the Family Code of the Philippines, if proven guilty, the person accused of concubinage will be sentenced to jail for 4 years.

Legal experts admit that this kind of case is “hard to prove in court,” but said that the video is “a strong piece of evidence.”

It will be recalled that Bayola’s fellow comedian Jose Manalo was also charged by his wife with the same case but had no evidence to prove it.

In the event that Riza, Bayola’s wife, decides to file a case against him, she can also charge her 41-year-old husband with the more widely used “Violence against women and children.”