Episodes of “Eat Bulaga” and “The Ryzza Mae Show” violated Ryzza Mae Dizon’s dignity—MTRCB

By , on September 10, 2013

When jokes go overboard.
When jokes go overboard.

The Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) has added GMA’s noontime shows “Eat Bulaga” and its pre-programming, “The Ryzza Mae Show” to the list of programs they will be closely monitoring.

This after a July 29 episode of “Eat Bulaga” saw main host Vic Sotto spit juice on the face of Ryzza Mae Dizon, the newest child discovery of the Kapuso network in the segment “Ang Joke Ko.”

In an interview with the Philippine Daily Inquirer, MTRCB Chairman Toto Villareal said, “We want to emphasize that children between one (1) and eight (8) years old are not yet capable of critical judgment. They are easily impressionable and still incapable of processing a joke as such. We’re aware that it was just a joke, but kids watching the show don’t. They would think it’s OK to spit on another person’s face or to be spat on.”

In its memo to Tape Inc., the producer of the two shows, the MTRCB described the scene as “disturbing because Dizon was palpably exploited as she was ridiculed, humiliated and degraded by the act of the host. The scene not only palpably compromise the dignity of a child as a human being, it also does not promote any positive value or behavior among viewers, adults or children alike. Moreover, such scene may be deemed prejudicial to her development.”

Villareal also mentioned the August 14 edition of the “The Ryzza Mae Show”.

The child-host asked the contest winner, Gelsa if she already has a boyfriend. And the latter’s response was: “Meron. Bakit aagawin mo? Ang bata bata mo pa ah. Ganon? Landing bata ka ah!” (I have a boyfriend. Are you going to steal him? You’re still so young. You’re such a flirty kid!)

Ryzza, in retort, said: “Bakit, kapag ba tinatanong aagawin na agad?” (If I ask does it already mean I am going to steal him?). The child actress also seemed to be shocked and hurt, said that she’s just a child, and pleaded for Gelsa not to be too harsh on her.

Villareal emphasized that children “should not be treated like toys or pets. We’re a bit lucky because Ryzza Mae has a high intelligence quotient, and that she was able to express how she felt with the shabby treatment. Other kids are not as expressive.”

The MTRCB memo added, “the child actor was exposed to malicious and rude statements. [This] imparts the idea that it is natural to utter slanderous and abusive statements against a person.”

Ryzza’s interview with the contest winner had already reached half a million views as of September 4. Netizens also commented on the video saying that the child should not have been treated like that, adding that the contest winner did that to steal the spotlight from the brilliant kid.

ABS-CBN’s “Goin’ Bulilit” was also previously summoned by MTRCB for the same grounds.