Ms. Philippines USA 2013 Joanlia Lising’s answers went viral

By , on September 3, 2013

Photo from the Facebook Page of Ms. Philippines USA 2013 Joanlia Lising
Photo from the Facebook Page of Ms. Philippines USA 2013 Joanlia Lising

Another beauty queen became inadvertently popular because of her response to the pageant’s question and answer portion—she is Ms. Philippines USA 2013 Joanlia Lising.

And the question is: If she could only keep one among her five senses, what would be it and why?

Lising who was among the top 12 finalists in the Ms. USA 2013 replied:  “If I have to pick out of five senses, I would pick seeing. Because seeing is the best sense that we can ever see, because seeing is believing.  And believing into what you see is perfect. And, uh, out of all those senses, seeing… would really be wonderful, because… Thank you. That will be it.”

After a few minutes, her awkward answers went viral online which overshadowed the news that Ms. Alabama was crowned as Ms. USA 2013.

What she got: Mixed reactions from people. Some were disappointed; some were giving pieces of advice while some were bashing her.

Prior to the competition and during some press interviews, Lising answered questions confidently.

Beauty pageant experts said that it is almost inevitable for candidates to be nervous when in front of millions of spectators. They advise candidates to keep their composure at all times, but when they can’t help but feel some butterflies in their stomachs, find a way to turn the slip-up to their advantage.

Who would forget 1979 Miss International Melanie Marquez? If she managed to get the coveted crown, others also can.