Glam it up! DIY designs for your gadgets

By , on August 12, 2013

Gadgets and gizmos deserve some protection and glamour. Photo by Violetkaipa from
Gadgets and gizmos deserve some protection and glamour. Photo by Violetkaipa from

Electronic gadgets are not cheap, we know this. And for some reason, no matter how much it costs, there is a somewhat primal feeling in our system that makes us want to have the latest technology at our fingertips. With today’s technology continuously advancing to who-knows-where, our loved ones are just a click away, or checking the weather or latest news is just one swipe away. You can even order food, clothes, book your flight, or check your Nanny Cam online.

We know this type of convenience comes at a price, which is why we want to protect our gadgets as much as we can. We don’t want it to get scratched or wet, hence we purchase screen protectors and laptop sleeves and cases made out of moulded silicon or lightweight plastic.

Here are a few ideas to jazz up your gadget protectors.

Use wallpaper. Yes, use wallpaper. It is not just for walls, you can also decorate your gadgets with it. For example, why not use it as a laptop skin cover? The durability of the wallpaper is an excellent way to protect the top cover of your laptop computer from scratches. Regular glue would do the trick, just make sure that you smooth out the wallpaper on the surface by using a dry cloth. Use a damp rag to clean up any glue stains. For good measure, seal your wallpaper skin by brushing glue on top of it. Let it dry completely before packing it in your bag. This project is best done on a weekend, when you do not need to lug your computer everywhere you go.

iPaint your tablet protector. Using craft paint is an excellent way to personalize your tablet’s case or protector. Not to mention that you can do whatever you want since you will not be doing it directly to your tablet computer. You can airbrush some stencil patterns according to your liking, or go rogue and paint freestyle on it, like using it as a canvass. Since some tablet protectors need to be a little bit flexible, it is best to use latex paint.

Bedazzle it. You have probably seen this on most of teenage girls’ gadgets. Their mobile phones are usually covered in rhinestones or glitters or crystals. Bedazzling is the process of gluing rhinestones or crystals on the phone (or tablet, or laptop, anything you can stick a rhinestone on, actually) as decoration. You can do this at home, too. Simply purchase a pack of rhinestones from your local crafts store. Using craft glue, attach the rhinestones using forceps or a tweezer onto the gadget casing. It is best to let the glue dry completely, so you might need a second gadget casing for this to work. Once the glue has completely dried up, use some polyurethane gloss to seal the rhinestones.