Teacher takes own life at elementary school

By , on July 21, 2013

An elementary school teacher in Brgy. Suba in Dimasalang, Masbate was found dead after he hanged himself inside his classroom in the morning of July 19.

Students of N.B. Cabrera Elementary School who opened the classroom by force were shocked to see their teacher hanging from the ceiling already. Most students are still traumatized from the incident as claimed by parents, guardians, and even the school staff.

The said teacher is Roy Belarmino Basio from the neighboring town of Brgy. Miaga in Uson, Masbate. Basio was 39 years old.

His co-workers reported to the authorities that at around 7:00 AM that day, the victim was seen with 4 meters of rope he just bought from a nearby store. The report also said that Basio even attended the teachers’ conference at around 10:45 that morning, but left early to head to his classroom. About an hour later, the victim’s lifeless body was found inside his locked classroom by his students.

Further investigations are being conducted as of the moment. The elementary school’s faculty and staff will be cooperating with the proper authorities to expedite the case.